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Annual Operating Plans and 5-Year Plans

Operating plans establish the activities and budgets for the business. They link the strategic plan with activities of the business and the resources required to deliver them. An operating plan is the basis for, and justification of, an annual budget. CFO Solutions Resource will create operating plans that tie your short and long-term plans to a customized strategy that will help you achieve your goals.



Forecasting is the process by which businesses deal with uncertainty and prepare for the future. It involves predicting the future outcome of various business decisions. Accurate forecasting is critical during the development of new products, product lines or expanding into new markets. It is also critical for addressing challenges. As the business environment becomes more competitive, organizations find that better forecasting benefits their bottom-line directly. By utilizing your specific business drivers, we can develop a forecasting tool custom designed around your needs.



Because businesses are subject to uncertainty and complexity, budgeting is an important managerial tool for planning and control. The ability to budget effectively is critical for managing a successful business. CFO Solutions Resource will create a budget that sets standards of performance, motivates employees, and provides a baseline tool to manage expectations and measure results.


Financial Modeling

Financial modeling involves creating a tool designed to forecast the performance of the business, project opportunity or other situation. The goal of the model is to summarize particular events and provide direction regarding possible actions or alternatives. Financial models can then demonstrate the impact of alternative decisions on your business. We will build custom models to analyze your specific challenges or situation.


Sensitivity Analysis

When analyzing an opportunity or challenge, it is important to identify revenue/cost drivers and assumptions that have an influence on the decision. Once the important criteria are defined, sensitivity analysis can be applied to determine impact of changes to these assumptions and how it affects the decision. We will analyze these variables and show you how to manage the risks associated with them.


Business Plan Development

A formal business plan is equally important for both established businesses and start-ups. A business plan serves to provide a framework to focus and clarify management's growth efforts. It also provides a benchmark to measure actual performance against. Finally, business plans showcase your company's potential and can be used to attract strategic business partners and secure capital. CFO Solutions Resource will build your business plan and provide a framework to address management goals.



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