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Referral SourcesIt is often difficult for CPAs, bankers, attorneys and other professionals to know where to send their business clients for consulting help. Because your clients are one of your most important assets, you need a credible partner to service their additional, specific needs. The consulting business is highly segmented, and very often the experience and quality of services can generate mixed results.

As a professional, you will find that our firm is an excellent candidate to consider when seeking a consulting firm that will be a good fit for both you and your clients. We provide experience and expertise with the full range of solutions, and we do it from an overall business perspective with a distinct finance focus.

Please contact CFO Solutions Resource if you are a referring professional who:

  • Needs a reliable, experienced business partner to service your clients
  • Needs a partner that can specifically focus on your clients’ challenges
  • Wants to improve benefits and services to your clients
  • Wants to develop a better overall relationship with your clients


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