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Questions you should consider20 Questions that every business should consider and address:

1. Are you looking for additional profit?

2. Are you prepared if your revenue drops significantly?

3. Are you leaving revenue opportunities on the table?

4. Do you have a detailed, comprehensive sales plan?

5. Are you poised to compete in the future?

6. What is your competition doing?

7. Is your sales incentive plan working (driving incremental profit)?

8. What are your documented strategic initiatives?

9. Are your costs trending/improving in proportion to your revenues?

10. Is a given project economically beneficial to the business?

11. Is your sales team generating an appropriate return?

12. Have you benchmarked yourself against the best?

13. Are you utilizing leading indicators for your business?

14. Where do you want your business to be 2 years from now? 5 years from now?

15. Are your tactical goals aligned with your strategy?

16. Do you effectively leverage your resources?

17. Do you have a written, dynamic business plan to achieve your goals?

18. Is your business overly concentrated with one customer or in one area?

19. Could your business be derailed by unforeseen events?

20. How long can you wait before taking action? Call us now at 813-390-5545.


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